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Childrens Birthday Parties are getting more elaborate and original every day. Here are some ideas to help you with Childrens Party planning...
 Childrens Parties Guernsey

Birthday Party Ideas 

Choose a Theme - Make a list of your childrens favourite hobbies, dancing themes, music, colours, book and tv characters for ideas (see Themed Birthday Parties below for more ideas).

Entertainment - Hire a childrens entertainer to help make the Birthday Party special and ask them to incorporate the theme, or themes...

Themed Birthday Parties

Themed Birthday Parties ideas make it more exciting!
Guernsey Salsa provides Childrens Dancing, Fun and Games alongside party themes such as:

Strictly Come Dancing (Ballroom and Latin - Jive, Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, Quick Step, Salsa, Merengue)
Princess, Barbie, Fairy, Carnival Salsa, Strictly Come Dancing (Latin, Ballroom or mixed theme), Caribbean Party, Line Dancing/Cowboys & Girls, Disco, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Mama Mia, Hawaiian Beach Party, Disney, Teddy Bear, Dolls, Rainbow, Colours (Pink or pink and purple most popular), Pirate, Army, Football, Animals, Spiderman, Builder, Spaceman, Alien, Sports, a mixture, or many special themed childrens parties catered for upon request in Guernsey.

Boys Birthday Parties in Guernsey
Most popular boys birthday party themes include:
Pirate, Cowboys Country Line Dancing, Disco, Hawaiin Beach Party.

Girls Birthday Parties in Guernsey
Most popular girls birthday Party themes are Princess, Strictly Come Dancing, Latin or Ballroom Party, Grease, Disco-Saturday Night Fever, Hawaiin Beach Party (with Hoola dancing).

 Birthday Party Ideas
Party Entertainer

A party entertainer is worth their weight in gold and will help to make childrens Birthday parties unique.

Book a Childrens Party Entertainer with experience, so you know your children will have fun with someone you can trust, with the children and the entertainment.

Guernsey Salsa can come along to your childrens parties to provide the entertainment for boys and girls by organising childrens party games, teach easy dance routines, or lead in many fun classic party dances like the Macarena, Cha Cha Slide, YMCA, Greased Lightening etc

Or totally take the stress out by letting Guernsey Salsa organise all the childrens party planning...

Childrens Parties - Guernsey Party Entertainer - Gibraltar Party Entertainer - Heidi Almonte 
Heidi has been a qualified dance teacher for 30 years, and provided Guernsey entertainment at many parties over the years from children to adults parties, charity events, team building and corporate events, aswell as many public events such as Liberation Day and The Guernsey Town Carnival with her vast experience.

Contact Heidi, Guernsey Salsa -  

Planning an Event

Planning an event like Childrens Birthday Parties can be a headache - especially if you are planning an event inbetween work, looking after your children and running a home.

Guernsey Salsa can arrange all the childrens party planning for your event, from start to finish, or if you enjoy event planning, we can just come in and do the childrens party entertainment in Guernsey & Gibraltar.

Party Supplies
Childrens Party supplies can also be arranged by Guernsey Salsa including room decorating, balloons, party accessories (hats, blowers, streamers, poppers) and birthday party bags or a thank you gift for each guest (with a party theme).

Birthday Cake
We can provide a regular or special girls or boys themed Birthday Cake, any other themes, plus individual Birthday cakes.
Individual Birthday cakes can also be pre wrapped to save lots of time on cutting and wrapping and are more practical for children to take home.
Childrens Birthday Party 
Magnetic Jewellery Stylish Gifts for Children, generally balances energy levels, can help ADHD, aches and pains and improve concentration - aswell as Stress Levels for Adults organising parties!

Event Manager

Heidi Almonte, ISTD, Guernsey Salsa can take the stress out of your childrens party planning so you can relax and enjoy - whilst we take care of all your party planning (adults and childrens parties) from arranging the parties theme, the most suitable venues, the decor, the music, sound system, tables settings, regular or themed Childrens Birthday Cakes and candles, the food (in party bag or as buffet, economy to organic/fairtrade), all childrens party supplies and accessories, bouncy castles, photography and videos (by Guernsey Salsa or professionally), to the clearing up afterwards.

You will just need to decide on date options (Book early for your first choice, especially for weekend parties), pick a theme, then decide if you would like your Childrens Party be held at your home - or a different venue where we will clear up after you?

Then decide how much of the party planning you would like us to plan for you, and your budget, so you can relax and really enjoy the special day with your children.

Just remember you need to send out the invites!
Kids Party Guernsey 

Birthday Party Prices

Prices from £120 for an hour of games and dancing. From £170.00 for 1.5 hours.

Birthday Party Package
For a Birthday Party catering for up to 15 children, 2 hours hire including 1-1.5 hours entertainment/music, organising and providing the venue, food, drinks, Birthday cake, prizes and basic clearing up afterwards.

De Luxe All-In Package
Includes all above with Organic/Fairtrade food or Pizza & Ice-Cream + Party Bags/gifts aswell.

Luxury Packages
If you would like the venue decorated, special theme requests, exquisite food and additional help please call Heidi who will be pleased to assist with all your childrens parties requirements.

Guernsey School Holidays 2016 Activities 
Half Term Holidays 2016 - Easter Holidays - Summer Holidays Activities 2017
Childrens Parties and "Feel Good Factor" Clubs.

Learn to Dance Ballroom + Latin Dancing, Keep Fit.
Learn Spanish (Conversational)
Improve Wellbeing (Stretching, Breathing, Meditation, Calming Music, Healing Body naturally and with good Nutrition)
Reiki, Crystals & Angels option.
Venue:  St Georges Esplanade, close to Town.
Register Your Interest to be updated.  Group Incentives available.

Contact - Guernsey Salsa -   
with approx numbers, budget, state Guernsey or Gibraltar and dates in mind for your
Childrens Birthday Party and we can discuss ideas and venues for phenominal themed parties!


Childrens Birthday Present Ideas...

Fashionable Well Being Magnet Jewellery for Girls, Boys (Parents and Pets!)

 Magnet Therapy

Contact Heidi, Guernsey Salsa -  

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