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Guernsey Reiki Healing 

Reiki Healing - Guernsey 

Guernsey Reiki (+ Jersey Reiki) is a relaxing, healing, complementary therapy, where the healer can channel energy, which surrounds us, into an adult, children or pet to help healing naturally - balancing the whole body - holistic healing.

Reiki is Japanese for 'Universal Life Energy' and has been practiced for 1,000's of years.

Guernsey Reiki healing (+ Reiki Jersey) sounds strange, but its true... 
Its natural for us to hold our forehead when we have a headache -
Rub a childs knee better - and we know how well this works -
These are mild forms of Reiki, natural Spiritual Healing, complementary therapy, available in Guernsey with Guernsey born Heidi Almonte, ISTD (Email Reiki Heidi - , Well Being Info Guernsey and Jersey
+ Jersey & Guernsey Tapping EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Complementary Therapist + Magnet Therapy Consultant with Energetix Magnetic Jewellery)

The difference with a reiki healer is that they have had their energy channels unblocked and can transfer the natural healing energy several 100 x more than someone who has not - this is proven by kinesiology photography + Heidis Reiki Treatment Testimonials

Complementary Therapy - Guernsey

 Guernsey Reiki Healing
Guernsey Reiki, complementary therapy, is natural and an extremely relaxing therapy.  The Reiki Practitioner places their palms on or around the patient whilst they are sitting or lying down on a massage table fully clothed. 

Soothing music is played and you may see colours and lights, also feel sensations of tingling or warmth where the energy is healing. 

Every Guernsey reiki healing treatment feels different, but all my patients have felt extremely relaxed, which help place patients in natural healing mode.

Reiki complementary therapy may also be enhanced by using Crystals.

After your Guernsey reiki healing therapy, it is advisable not to rush.
Choose a time when you can spend the rest of the day fairly calm if possible and feel the complementary therapy healing continue to work.

Spiritual Healing - Guernsey

Reiki Guernsey - Spiritual Healing is not a religion.  There are many thoughts as to where the spiritual energy comes from.  The fact is, it is there, and Heidi can tap into it and use it to help people. 

Reiki healing was reinvented from the Sanskrit Sutras & Tibetan Monks by Dr Mikao Usui in 1926.

For many centuries natural spiritual healing had been used -Reiki was kept a 'Sacred Secret'.  Whilst Dr Usui was on a buddhist training course he received the mystical revelation to train and attune others, so many more people would benefit from the natural spiritual healing.
 Natural Healing
Reiki Heidi trained to practice Reiki Spiritual Healing Therapy just 11th in line from Dr Usui.

Anyone can receive Guernsey reiki healing.  Believing is not essential for the reiki healing to work - many patients dont believe when they first try it, but are desperate for help and often pleasantly surprised. 

However positive thinking, also effects health, if you tell yourself you are going to heal then it sends out chemicals into your body to help the natural healing process.


Heidis Reiki Training in Guernsey
My very first Reiki training exercise was on 5 of my toes, to my astonishment, within 2 days a 20 year chilblain problem was healed, the next 2 days I healed the other 5 toes which were particularly bright red and swollen during a snowy period!  

Chillblains used to give me problems all year round, sometimes so severely they were bandaged up by a Chiropodist. 
Since my first experiment I have only had slight problems -
and only for a couple of days because I had worn tight new boots
+ the night that I wrote this new Reiki page - An example of how powerful the mind is!

I have since helped many severe ongoing problems, for myself and others that specialists have said can't be healed, and often just with 1-3 sessions. 

Complementary Therapies - Guernsey
What Can Reiki Healing Complementary Therapy Help?

Guernsey Reiki complementary therapy can assist in treating all conditions
~ physical, mental and emotional. 
 From minor ailments to chronic illness.

Guernsey Reiki healing therapy helps balance the whole body, not just the point of pain, to restore the vital energy lost in daily life helping to create good overall health and wellbeing.

A monthly treatment can help balance your body and deal with prevention rather than cure.

Whilst some illnesses may be too far progressed to be reversed, there is usually great enhancement of quality of life along with a sense of peace and well being.

Reiki has helped heal conditions including:

Insomnia, Anxiety and Stress
Back and joint pains / injuries
Heart and Stroke Conditions
Arthritis and Rheumatism
High and low blood pressure
Skin disorders
Weight loss
Lack of confidence, Positive Thinking
To overcome addictions of food, drugs and smoking

Guernsey Reiki Healing is natural, extremely safe and suitable for anyone; babies, children, adults and pensioners. 
Guernsey Reiki Healing also works exceptionally well on pets.
And is a great stress reliever before a big party or
Guernsey weddings
Heidis Reiki Testimonials

 Complementary Therapy
Side Effects of Guernsey Reiki Healing 

1) You will probably sleep very well that night.
Its advisable to arrange transport home after the treatment in case you feel sleepy.

2)  Like many complementary therapies, after reiki healing you may become thirsty, drink plenty of water, to help flush toxins from your system.

Reiki Healer - Guernsey
 Guernsey Reiki Healing
Reiki Healer, Guernsey born Heidi Almonte, ISTD has been a qualified Reiki Healer in Guernsey since 2004 and completed Levels one, two and three.  Heidi is also a reiki teacher. 

Highly privileged to be trained and attuned just 11th in line from the founder of Reiki Dr Mikao Usui.

Heidi is also a Reiki Distant Healing Complementary Therapist aswell as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique of Tapping on meridians) Complementary Therapist, via phone or skype should you not be able to leave home or want to send spiritual healing distantly outside of Guernsey or Jersey. 

Aswell as Magnet Therapy Heidi presents Guernsey 
Magnet Jewellery Parties and House Dowsing for Geopathic Stress which can also lead to deficient immunity system and/or lack of sleep, followed by illness due to Sick Homes syndrome.

Learn Reiki Healing - Guernsey

Help yourself and others - anyone can learn reiki healing in Guernsey or learn reiki in Jersey with Heidi - have regular reiki healing sessions on tap for you and your loved ones.

Guernsey Reiki Level 1 - 5 x 1 hour classes to learn Reiki healing including 4 attunements to clear your energy blockages to help increase healing capabilities by several 100%.

Contact Heidi...   

Guernsey Reiki Level 2 - 4 classes to learn and be attuned.

Therapy Training and healing talks available as private tuition or class in Guernsey & Jersey.

Learn Reiki in Jersey - online via skype.

To Book a Guernsey Reiki Therapy or Learn Reiki in Guernsey...
Please allow 1 hour
for your Reiki Treatment.

Guernsey Reiki Treatment -
Learn Reiki Lesson 
4 x Reiki Treatments Special Offer

Crystal Reiki Healing Treatment

Reiki for Animals - They Love Reiki!

Distant Reiki Healing (Guernsey, Jersey or world wide)

Try to book a day when you can relax after your Reiki treatment if possible.

Contact Heidi Wellbeing Almonte now on Guernsey Land line (01481) 722798 or email

Complementary Therapies

'Just for today do not worry......Just for today do not anger.......
Honour your parents, teachers and elders.......
Earn your living honestly.......Show gratitude to every living thing'

Dr. Mikao Usui Founder of Reiki

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