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Guernsey Dance Classes - Moves

Guernsey Salsa Dance Class - Beginners Moves 

These Salsa Dance Moves (+ Bachata Dance Moves below) are designed to help you alongside Heidi Almontes Guernsey Salsa dance classes - to help jog your memory!

You will also find the dance Salsa Videos page helpful to practice to dance at home either before your first Bachata or Salsa dance class, or during the first few weeks of lessons.

New Beginners concentrate on first few Salsa dance moves only please!

Basic Salsa (New York or Linea style Salsa)
To start ~ Man moves forward on left, Ladies back on right foot.
Replace and close (with right foot slightly in front of the left). 
Then the opposite foot in the opposite direction.

Salsa steps should be small with weight on the balls of your feet for Linea
(More grounded for Cuban style),
Knees slightly bent, head up, shoulders back and smiling at your partner whilst dancing! 

Open Hold
Ladies hook fingers over leaders at waist/hip height. 

Never hold on with thumbs or a tight grip-even if you are scared! 
Closed Hold
Mans right hand on her shoulder blade (not waist)
Ladies left hand on his shoulder (not arm) 
Ensure 3 points of contact, 1 - Shoulder, 2 - Elbows, 3 - Shoulder blade. 


Basic Right Turns
Ladies and men turn as you are stepping 'forward' with left foot, then use your upper body to turn to right with the weight on your right foot. 

Ladies keep right arm at a right angle in front of them (elbow level with shoulder) as turn.

Man pass right hand behind back for right hand shake turns.  

Men let go of right hand and put behind your back, relax left hand down on 1, then up on 3 so lady will turn clockwise on 5 (not before) as you circle around her 'Halo' making sure you miss her horns! 

Men turn clockwise starting on 1 passing her hand behind your back or keeping your hand quite close to your head - you don't need a lead as you know what you are doing! 

Ladies remember your wiggles & smiles - men smile back please if you can!  
Leads should be very gentle but clear.  Ladies need to look out for the leads. 

CBL (Cross body lead)
Start Mans left hand down low (open or closed hold) on 1.   

Men need to swivel right foot virtually on the spot then step left foot to the 'side' on 3 - making a pathway for the lady to dance across. 
Right foot doesn't leave the spot until 7.

Start lady right turn, man right turn and end in a right hand shake on top.
Cross body lead feet for man as he lifts his right hand up and over ladies head clockwise.

Touch her shoulder briefly with right hand then lift right hands up so ladies arm is at a right angle on 3, then turn her by moving your hand clockwise around her halo on 5/6.

C B Inside Turn (anti-clockwise) 
C B L footwork.
Left hand shoulder height, straight out on 3, right hand down to her hip. 

C B Outside Turn (clockwise)  Lead on 1 with left hand forward, On 2 with right arm forward and Mans left hand bent to get momentum -  left hand eye height as she turns.  

Outside Turn  (Clockwise)
C B L footwork.
Right hand on her left shoulder.  Left arm bent on 3, turn her clockwise.


Right hand down, left hand side and up on 3. Left hand around her 'halo' 5/6.
On 1 small back step on left foot with left arm up, on 5 small back step on right foot with right arm up.

(Take small steps back each time you swap places, so you can step forward, then twist to face your partner.  When right arm up-right foot back, when left arm up-left foot back)

Quick Refresher of some of Beginners Dance Moves
Basic S
teps, Open Hold, Closed Hold,
Basic Right Turn (Lady, Lady then Man),
Cross Body Lead (closed and open hold), 
Inside T
urn (anti-clockwise), Outside Turn (clockwise),
The Wrap, Susie Q, Back Drop, Setenta

Guernsey Dance Classes


Bachata Dance Moves - Beginners

In your first couple of Bachata Classes for Beginners you will learn some of these moves. 

Please note these are not full instructions so dont try them if youve not already learnt them in class, they are designed to help jog your memory to practice and perfect what you already know :)

Remember to keep your basic steps nice and small, and smile at your partner!

Basic - Side Close, side tap (Man starts on left going to left, Ladies right foot to the right)

Lady Clockwise Turn (Man leads with right arm as he goes to right. 
Turn lady as go to left

Lady Clockwise Turn, then Man Clockwise Turn (Hand Close to head)
    "            "             "                                           (Hand Low behind back)

    "            "             "           " (Mans right hand on his 6 pack, into closed hold)

From closed hold...
Osila (Step close x 4)
5 Point Turn in closed hold

Glide back down arms to open hold


Hammerlocks (Look at hand - Quick in&out - Walkaround)

Cuddles (Man lifts left hand up as go to left and cuddle lady in)

few basics with hand on alternate lady shoulder,
then turn lady out anti clockwise & then clockwise to untangel hands)

Guernsey Dance Classes

GuernseyDance Classes - Cuban Rueda Moves

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Salsa Dance Moves for Beginners

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