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Salsa Dance Moves - Improvers Dance Classes

To refresh your memory, here are how some of the Guernsey Salsa dance moves for improvers (+ Cuban Salsa - Ruedo Moves below). 

These dance moves tips are designed to help you jog your memory after you have learnt the dance moves in your Improvers dance classes.

Even though you are familiar with your basic salsa dance moves now, it is invaluable to keep practicing basics dance steps and moves to music - until theyre in your blood running through your veins!

If you dont have a salsa dance partner with you, enjoy practicing shines alone, and if you can dance in front of a mirror - it could be your new best friend!

How to start Guernsey Salsa Dance Moves for Improvers Leaders...

Both go back on '1' Left arm up to roll her into your right hip first

(Keep arms at waist height as she moves side to side)

Titanic (also called The Crucifix)
Both go back on '1' Right hand shake on top into Sombrero
Keep hands close together as turn her alongside you, 
then mans right hand over ladies right shoulder, then through gap into...
Half Titanic - then end with Left Hand shake on top for Full Titanic

Walk Around
Both go back on '1' Lead her to walk around you with your left hand 

Straight hold, right hand gently over ladies head, lead straight, straight, snappy turn.


Start setenta style with hammer lock, circle the arms anti-clockwise windmill style!

Baa Boom!
Start setenta style with hammer lock, keep the left hand high as anti-clockwise around her halo while leader steps 'side close side' end hip to hip with her 'wrapped up'. 
Baa Boom - just point your left foot down the line. 
Single or double handed turn out.

Lots of variations.  
Start with right hand shake, ready to stop the lady firmly on 3.
Both leaders and ladies should be evenly balanced on 3, both facing sideways, with feet apart, and ready to complete the move turning out either way.

Guernsey Salsa usually teaches first copa move turning out with mans left hand turning lady anti clockwise back to her starting position.

Cuban Salsa - Dance Moves
Cuban Salsa dancing is in a rotating motion, in open and closed hold. 

Cuban Salsa can be danced alone, with a partner
or also as a group dance in a circle - which is fun!

Cuban Circle Salsa is known as Rueda de Casino
(Spanish for 'The Casino Wheel')
Guernsey Dance Classes 
When the 'Caller' calls the name of a move, all the couples dance the same move at the same time, this often involves swapping partners during the move!

Guernsey Salsa Dance Classes - Cuban Salsa Dance Moves -
Cuban Ruedo de Casino (Cuban C
ircle Salsa)

Arriba (Dance clockwise in circle, closed hold)
Abajo (Dance anti-clockwise in circle, closed hold)
Taro (Man lifts left arm up and walks forward to next partner)

Dile Que No (Closed hold, open out, pass lady from right to left side of man to open hold)
Guapio (Basic - Man back left foot, forward right foot - ladies reflect the opposite)

Dame Una (Dance with new partner on mans right)
Dame Dos, Dos con Dos (Like Dame Una - but skip a lady)
Fly, Fly Doble (Clap to kill the fly!)

Enchufla, Enchufla Doble, Enchufla en Media.

Adios, Adios con Hermana, La Familia

Cubanita (Start with enchufla) 
Move + Festival (Repeat Move 3 times, Clap 1, 2 then 3 times)

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