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Salsa Weekend 2018

Salsa Weekends 2018 UK

Guernsey Salsa Weekends 2018 (UK)

Bachata & Salsa Weekends (uk) - A great way to fast track your dance ability (Salsa + Bachata) with UK Teachers and visiting dancers, come along and enjoy all youve learnt while you inspire, socialise, learn and party!

Parties - All Welcome - Including non dancers
Workshops - Minimum Basic Bachata &/or Salsa experience to Advanced.

Guernsey Salsa Weekends 2018 - February 9-12 (Salsa & Bachata Weekend).
@ St Pierre Park Hotel (Victor Hugo Suite upstairs).

Bachata & Salsa Weekend - Workshops
Body Movement (All Levels male & female) x 1
Ladies Styling (All Levels) x 1
Salsa Linea on 1 x 6, Bachata x 6, Kizomba x 1 Beginners Class.

Bachata & Salsa Weekend - UK Teachers
Biskit Biskichata & Paola x 5, Rasa Pauzaite x 8, Pat Owen x 1.

Salsa Weekends 2018 - UK Teachers + Hotel Packages.

* Salsa Weekend Itinerary + prices below...

Salsa Weekend 2018

Salsa Weekend 2018!

Salsa Weekends 2018

Guernsey Dance Festival - Itinerary (Subject to change)
@ St Pierre Park Hotel (Victor Hugo Suite upstairs)





10.30am – BACHATA SENSUAL - Imp/Advanced (Biskit & Paola)
11.30am – * LADIES STYLING - ALL - Salsa + Bachata (Rasa)
12.35pm – SALSA – Imp/Advanced (Rasa) 
1.35pm - Lunch
3pm – BACHATA - Imp/Advanced (Biskit & Paola) 
4pm -  SALSA - Imp/Advanced (Rasa)

7.30pm – WORKSHOP for ALL - Votes KIZOMBA Beginners for ALL (Rasa)
8.30pm – PARTY FUN! Fancy Dress option = Bright/Caribbean/Anything goes

LEVELS - Designed for ALL Salsaros & Bachatero dancers who have basic experience, to take their skills to another level. We want as many dancers as possible to enjoy this annual dance festival, hence the discount packages below!

Most Classes will have Part 1 & 2 of moves, so Beginner/Improvers learn 1st part and Advanced dancers have an add on / additional styling options.

= £10 (Subject to availability, Parties OK, workshops maybe fully booked)
= £18 - Evening Class + Party


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Salsa Weekend 2018 - Teachers - Hotel 
Dance Classes Guernsey

Wellbeing Guernsey + Weight Management

Provisional Salsa Weekend Itinerary - subject to change.

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